Riparian Grant Gives Funding For Planting Trees at the Lagoon Park Trail

On Saturday, January 6, 2018, 31 volunteers planted 75 baldcypress trees along the Lagoon Park Trail in Montgomery. These volunteers worked a combined 82 and a half hours and represented five groups: Montgomery Trees, Cub Scout Pack 4, Boy Scout Troop 13, Boy Scout Troop 4, and Boy Scout Troop 307. The trees were provided through a grant from the Arbor Day Foundation and CSX Railroad, and the holes were drilled prior to the event by the City of Montgomery.

Before the volunteers split into groups to begin planting, they were instructed on how to properly plant a tree by Will Liner of the Alabama Forestry Commission. The trees were 6 to 7-foot-tall, 15-gallon saplings and have already made a noticeable and significant impact on the project site. Baldcypress is a beautiful and hardy native tree and is well suited to the mesic conditions found along our waterways. It was selected as an ideal species for this project in the hopes of emulating a natural creek ecosystem.

Many of the volunteers had a great time while helping their community, and asked to be included in future conservation efforts at Lagoon Park. One adult leader explained any scout wishing to earn the Life Scout rank must complete three hours of conservation-related service, so many Troops are always looking for the opportunity to participate in conservation projects. Another adult volunteer was enthusiastic about assisting with a project that benefitted a park in his neighborhood.

The Cub Scouts, ages 7-10, learned about the many benefits trees provide and what they can do to help trees in return. Will Liner also showed some of the participants how to identify several invasive species including Chinese privet and Chinese tallowtree.

It was a fun, successful, and impactful event we hope to replicate in the future.

Check out photos from the project!

The project was supported by a grant from: