Montgomery Trees offers educational sessions free to the public.

These sessions are taught by professionals in the field of tree care, and are geared towards teaching homeowners how to establish and care for young trees.

Subjects include selecting appropriate trees, tree planting, tree pruning, and diseases and pests that affect young trees. The information is taught in everyday language and gives the attendee the knowledge and ability to successfully grow and maintain healthy trees in their landscape.

For more information, contact our Education Chair, Russell Stringer, via email at or by phone at 334-625-2740.

Recent Classes Include:

“Real World Tree Planting”
Growing and maintaining a healthy tree begins with getting it planted correctly. “Green side up” is not enough. This course will teach you the right way to plant your tree. We will discuss how wide to dig the hole, how deep to dig the hole, how to trim girdling roots, and most importantly what NOT to do to your new tree. The mysteries of a successfully planted tree will be revealed and all questions will be answered. If you were thinking of planting a new tree for your landscape, this course will be vital to your success.