LeGrand Park

Located in Old Cloverdale, at the intersection of Norman Bridge Road and Fairview Avenue, LeGrand Park is being improved via a multi-year project that looks to reforest the park and upgrade its park furniture. Seven Durand oaks were recently planted at LeGrand Park as part of this project.

The improvement of LeGrand Park is a joint effort of Montgomery Trees and the Old Cloverdale Association. It has been coordinated by Karen Benton and with the City of Montgomery’s urban forester, Russell Stringer, acting as advisor and consultant.

Using grant funding provided by BONDS, Alabama Power Good Roots Program, the Old Cloverdale Association, and with the support of City of Montgomery Parks and Recreation, appropriate trash receptacles and a bench have been installed and over sixty trees have been planted.

Due to the highly alkaline soil at the park, Mr. Stringer chose high pH tolerant native trees: live oaks, Durand, bur, and chestnut oaks, sycamores and redbuds. They also complement the historic cedars within the park.

According to Mr. Stringer, the soil pattern in Old Cloverdale are reminiscent of a zebra: stripes of acidic soil alternate with stripes of alkaline soil. When planting trees over a large area, selecting the right species can be challenging. After some trial and error, the above-mentioned trees were installed and all are thriving in these soil conditions.

Trees lining the perimeter of the park will provide an attractive streetscape, and the trees planted in a naturalistic fashion within the park will create a woodland appearance in this urban area as they mature.

LeGrand Park is at the heart of three historic districts: Old Cloverdale, the Garden District, and Cloverdale-Idlewild.

The purpose of this project was to enhance the neighborhoods, create a beautiful green space for the enjoyment of all, and to contribute to making Montgomery a healthier place in which to live.

photo credit: Brian Holt  / www.holtconnections.com

photo credit: Brian Holt / www.holtconnections.com