Trees For Schools Update

A Note from Karen:

Just wanted to update everyone on our progress with the upcoming Goodwyn Middle School tree project.

Tuesday, January 24, I met Alabama Power Representative and Montgomery Tree VP, Josh Smalley, and Urban Forester, Russell Stringer, at the school to look at the planting site.

Here’s the plan:

On Monday, Feb. 20 (President’s Day school holiday), Josh will bring a crew and equipment to till up the soil where the new trees will be planted to about a 10′ diameter. The soil is really compacted, so this will help a lot.

Based on the Auburn University soil test results, I will spread lime and fertilizer to their recommendations, since the soil is so poor and acid.

Later in the month, Russell will plant Nuttall oaks, Willow oaks and the saucer magnolia, as well as transplant
one crape myrtle.

Based on Josh’s recommendation to use shredded hardwood mulch to counteract the extreme soil acidity,
I will supply the mulch and attempt to get some volunteers to help spread. I’ll put gator bags on unless Russell
has any more of those new watering wells.

The Assistant Principal, Ms. Dierdra Ramsey, will have a student group water the trees until the end of the
school year. I’ve got some old hose I can leave at the school. This summer I’ll take over and I’ll find some volunteers to help out.

That’s all I can think of for now!


Are you interested in lending a hand with this project?
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